Journal: What Way Is That? [12/2/21]

∞: I don’t love you the way you think I do

I: What way is that?

∞: Your way

I: What way is that?

∞: Would you like for me to love you in your way? Because, I can – and it still be called love. But Love is eternal, and exists in many forms.

I: My stomach – it pains me when you say that. Why should it?

∞: Why should it not? All love is pain in process. As above, so below.


∞: Love is not static.

꩜: [drawing – triangle with 3 circles at the points. “Steve” written to the right of it)


*reminder note about a ritual idea for next analysis session with analysist/therapist Steve



Do you remember the ritual you did
having never done one before
but knew somewhere deep in your soul
something must be done
and said
and performed

You lifting up each one of them
Snot running down your face
Looking up to heaven
and breaking each of them into two
and saying “this is my covenant to you”
and over
and over
and over
till the pack was gone?

You were 20, then,
and you were king.

The Good King hears
and understands.


[Drawing: a triangle with 3-circles at the points [recurring motif], but now with a circle in the middle of the triangle – I instantly recognize it as Augustine’s “Trinity Shield,” a geometrical diagram representing the unity of the persons of God

Remember that?

I: Yes

Do not forsake your learning.


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